Friday, January 4, 2013

Praying about life and rights.

The question keeps coming up. What can I do about all these deaths by
gun shootings? What can we do?

Our historic history informs us that owning your own gun is a
protected right, in response to when it was not a right. Our current
history informs us that 22 people were shot in the past 24 hours
(maybe more). Our current moral humanity informs us that no person
needs to be a personal armed army. Modern history informs us that the
USA is top of the list for deaths by guns and children's death by
guns. In the current political framework, is "all or nothing" our only
responses to the second amendment?

Another question for all Christians ... When is our ethical response
to our baptism trump any firm, polarized stance regarding guns in our
country. "Peace and Justice" and the "the dignity of all people".

Praying we can all come together to save lives before another 22
people are shot today.


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