Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 3 - midday update

We are finishing our tour of Ecole Sainte Trinite, by the Reverend
Fernande S Peirre-Louis (director and alum). She is also the first
woman ordained in the diocese of Haiti (2002/3).

With 900 students, 130 teachers (many part time specialists for the
upper grades) for this very active school. The entire school was
destroyed in the earthquake. Temporary rooms, after three years, feel
fixed - though there is nothing long term in how they are built. The
sounds of student learning echoes through each room and passage way,
forming a chorus of noise one must think, listen, and speak over.

Despite the challenges, this school celebrates 100 years this June.
Echoes of the standards and motto of the Epiphany School echo in our
hearts and minds as we hear and witness their communal determination
to demand, to expect, and raise each person to higher standards. Each
student, teacher and parent - all held to higher standards and the
expectation is they hold each other up too. It all begins in 1st grade
where each student must learn three languages: English, French, and
Creole. In the past, they they were able to only teach reading and
writing in English. The current Director changed the pedagogy to
include oral training too. Seems obvious until you witness the
obstacles before them.

For example, vandals recently pilfered the chemistry lab (including
the ceiling fans) and later hit the computer lab. Both were secure
rooms - but the wood, temporary walls were no obstacle. Another
classroom had all its wooded tables taken.

The energy and spirit of the school is high. It gives us hope too.

Below is a photo of Regine, Isabele, Pere Noe, Rev Mark, the Bishop
and Rev Fernande.

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