Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 5: worship and prayers

London writes: So today we went to church in Cap Haitian (aka Au-Cap
as the locals call it) where Mark and Noe delivered a beautiful
service together. Their sermon was about never losing hope and falling
into despair and to embrace the church and all that is has to give
each individual and the community as a whole. In addition we had the
unexpected pleasure of being able to hear the local Catholic group
choir sing all the hymns through out the service in both French and
Creole. Once the service was over the service was over we went as a
group with Father Noe on two house visits to pay respects to two
church members who were both unable to attend church due to sickness.
This mission in many ways has been about going deeper into trying to
understand Haiti as a country and the people that live in it and this
day has just brought us a little closer to getting a clearer view on
what our presence in Haiti truly means. Now we are off to experience
yet another portion of Haiti with open eyes and open hearts.

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