Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 4: service of remembrance

On the very top of the program it reads:
Haiti: stand up and walk.

Today we gathered with people of Haiti, the entire diocese of Haiti,
Presiding Bishop (Katherine), Bishops of Haiti, most of the Haitian
clergy, an army of seminarians, youth scouts (of the church) the
Anglican Scouts of Haitian the cathedral choir, boys choir, and youth
orchestra from the Anglican music school ... For anyone who loves
liturgy and worship - it was an Anglo-asm. (Term coined by Ray Suarez,
News Hour).

Needless to say, the music was amazing, the spirit somber and joyful,
as the PB encouraged the people of Haiti to stay strong and keep HOPE

It was a short service, just under two hours. Here is the procession
to the Cathedral from Trinity School.

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