Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 4: safe arrival into Cap Haitien

What a day it has been. After all the prayer, worship and witness to
the anniversary of the earthquake. And having spent the last two days
learning the scale of destruction to the schools, churches and
ministries of the Episcopal Church - we spent the afternoon driving
through the northern flats, rice patty farms and up and over the
mountains to the city of Cap Haitien. Needless to say, thank The Lord
that Pere Noe drives these roads 3 to 4 times a month. It was tough
to see the poverty stretch out into the country and mountains. London
and Chris rode in the back of the pickup truck the entire way (along
with Noe's cousin). Regine and I had a go at it for a few hours and
then settled in the cab with Lindsey and Pere Noe.

We are now safely in housing for the night. A fine Catholic Retreat
house in the city. Clean, safe and a welcoming environment.

Tomorrow is church. I will preach at the 6am service and then again at
the primary service at 8:30am. I pray That God will fill my heart with
his word. It will be so good to pray with the community we have been
praying for for two years now. We will make some pastoral visits after
church and hopefully have time to be tourists.


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Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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