Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 3 - night time is upon us

This evening we took some time to share a relaxed meal and then we
entered into a two hour, rich, discussion. Regine and Isabel had
Internet access for a few minutes and made and sent a video to the
Epiphany School community. Fun.

We were then joined by the only woman at the seminary this year,
Denise. As she told her story of accepting God calling her, she also
shared how she kept writing her priest - over and over again - waiting
until the diocese was ready to ordain women. Thank God the Bishop has
welcomed her (two other woman last year) into the ministry of priests.
We then had a discussion about the great commandment (love God and
love your neighbor) - asking, if a persons loves others already, why
do they need God?

Denise's story gave us all permission to share our stories. This lead
a deep conversation about the ministries we all do (ordained or not)
to love God in others. We concluded the night with Matthew 25:13
(parable) the king (God) thanking those who fed him, clothed him,
cared for him, visited him in prison, etc. The people say - we never
did that for you God. God then tells them that every-time they feed
someone, visit someone who is sick or in prison, five clothes to the
naked, etc. they in fact served and loved God.

Tomorrow we will be at the cathedral for the earthquake anniversary
service with the Bishop and Presiding Bishop. Should be an emotional
day for everyone.

In the afternoon we will drive North to Cap Haitien.

Good night friends. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to
pray for you all.


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Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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