Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 6: blessed are children

The school is alive - really alive. The noises of learning create a
constant level energy - all ages, the voices of laughter, singing,
call and response, in French, creole, Spanish, mathematics, grammar,
history, geography ... In the small space, 1350 students co-exist ...
London and Chris are very popular with their cameras, Regine and
Isabele had a good meeting and tour with the director and Rev Mark
simply had fun (and some formal meetings). Because they have not been
able to build more rooms, the rooms are stuffed with children and

Isabelle bought patties for children who did not have lunch or lunch
money. Needless to say - she made many friends with her

Everything is very Inspiring to say the least.

Here is a fun photo: lunch time.

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