Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 6 - L'Ecole Saint Esprit

Good Morning. Last night we took some time for R&R, found a working TV
and watched the Patriots Game. What a treat.

Today we will spend the entire day at the School of the Holy Spirit.
We know this school has continued to grow. Last Year alone they added
250 students. Student population now exceeds 1,400. Yesterday we went
to visit the former for director of the school, Charles. He was head
master to 45 years. What a servant of The Lord! It was great to meet a
living member of the history of the school. Pere Noe tells us, of the
long list of priorities ... Getting electricity, building more
classrooms, painting, a library, computer lab - his highest priority
is scholarship funding. He is very anxious about being able to pay his
teachers this year. We will learn more soon ...

This morning we will get to know some students, teachers and the
director. This afternoon, we will gather with members of the church to
paint classrooms.

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