Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 3: funeral and sleeping in

All of you in Boston are in our prayers today. Thank you for your prayers.

Another beautiful day in Haiti. The sun is bright and so are our
spirits. The comments yesterday from Epiphany students brought smiles
to our faces and warmed our hearts.

This morning, Rev Mark attended a funeral at the cathedral for a lay
leader. The Bishop, Dean, and five other priests all participated. It
was a moving experience. Even though I don't speak French, knowing our
shared liturgy allows me to fully participate, regardless of the
language. Thank you BCP (book of common prayer).

Now we are all off to visit trinity school, next to the cathedral.
Regine and Isabelle hope to learn more about building and running
schools in Haiti. This school has been part of the diocese for decades
and has now grown to send its first graduates off to university. Amen.

For all you Episcopalians: the presiding bishop (Katherine) is in
Haiti this week and will celebrate the Anniversary Mass tomorrow. The
Bishop of California is here too, they are in a long term process to
rebuild the music school.


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