Friday, January 27, 2012

Retreat night: Monastery of SSJE

I arrived at the guest entrance at 3pm, after a day of pastoral visits
in Dover, Mission Hill and Cambridge. It has been a few years since I
was here last. They have new windows, new bathrooms. The guest host
walked me up to the third floor and to room #13, Saint Thomas name is
on the door.

It is a small room, eight feet wide by fourteen feet. I had a long
list of work to do, preparations for annual meeting at Saint Dunstans
on Sunday was on the top of my list. I left them in my bag. I went for
a run on the Charles river in the cold, damp, January late day air. As
I ran, I was able to let go of so many worries and burdens on my mind.
Four miles later, I was back at the gate.

A quick shower and now I can settle down for the retreat. In my room I
begin with prayers: healing for my daughter, thanks for seeing great
friends last night, healing for those in the parish recovering from
surgeries this weekend, tender compassion for those who are in
mourning, thanks for Matthew's visit, those looking for work, those
preparing for babies, etc.

I wonder what your prayers are tonight. I have come to firmly believe
that God listens to all our prayers, as I have been able to witness
the power of prayer that opens our hearts to God's voice, God's Grace.

Plenty of prayer time coming:
The daily offices: evening prayer at 6pm, Compline at 9pm, Morning
Prayer at 6am, Eucharist at 7:45am and noonday prayers as noon.



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