Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 7 - st vincents

We also had a chance to visit Sisters of St Margaret's school for the
blind and the disabled. Below is the courtyard where a few boys play.

One life long resident explained that everything was working great
leading up to the quake. Then, For three months they were moved out of
the area until their school could be cleaned and the Japanese embassy
could build more facilities in the courtyard. Now, with more residents
and greater needs, they are working 1/2 the space.

I was surprised to walk upstairs into an orphanage for young
residents. To be honest my heart was warmed by their smiles ... But as
I left the room, I was wiping tears from my face. I finally reach my
breaking point. And then I saw the woman in the second photo praying,
very peacefully. What faith she had. I began to feel spiritually

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