Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 9: Bring them home

Good morning. Today we travel home. Today we do more than say goodbye.
Today we open our hearts and lives to a new chapter, a new beginning,
new birth in Jesus Christ. We have begun to form relationships. And
with relationships comes companionship, mutual prayers and a desire to
work together. We are not coming home with answers ... But with
stories, and God wiling, a passion to testify to what we have
experienced as individuals, groups and as parishes. I often witness
missioners trying to process everything on this day. It is to much,
even for me. God willing we will be able to slowly and steadily unpack
and discover God's voice calling our names.

Last night we began that work. We all shared experiences that will
stay with us for a long time, we tried unpack, we laughed, some cried,
and we listened to each other. And so we could see the spirit moving
and forming each other.

What a gift from God. Please pray for our team, our parish and
partners in Haiti.

A view from the porch of Matthew 25.

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