Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2: true meaning of faith

We have been here for less than two hours and we already are impressed
a few improvements to the city. The main road from the airport to down
town is now smooth and functional. We meet woman collecting empty
plastic soda bottles from beach (USAID now pays for these bottles -
new incentive to not liter). It seems to be working a bit. Small
progress is progress.

The capacity of the school continues to be stretched, it has grown
from 1,000 students to 1,200. They have had no new funds to add rooms
or even finish rooms. So the average room has grown from 25+ to 45+

They have had only one or two missions teams since last we came. Many
of the funds they need are not in hand, and yet Pere Noe is hopeful.
And so we are called to learn from Noe and his parish about the true
meaning of Faith!

Our work is clear this week: mornings with the school and afternoons
painting classrooms. Thursday we will stop to worship and take in the
2nd anniversary of the earthquake.

And so I write you from the airport to which we have returned to
gather our bags which were sent on a later flight.

Faith is believing in something you can't touch or understand, right?

How strong is your faith?
How will our faith as group grow this week?
How will Saint Dunstan's community strengthen our faith through this

Written prayerfully,
Mark+ and London

Sent from my Phone
Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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