Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 3 evening

Friends, this afternoon we got to work. We primed two classrooms and
gave a good first coat to one. Tomorrow and Friday we hope to finish
all three rooms. Turning them from dark, dirty rooms into bright
learning environments It is amazing what a coat of paint can do for
any room.

Tonight we reflected in the destruction of the temple after the life
and death of Jesus Christ. London taught how often reconstruction
honors history, art and architecture while she rattled of a bunch of
examples. We also reflected on what the role of the Cathedral is, in a
diocese and how it can impact the day to day life within an
individual's personal and community lives. In concurrence with this,
we also spoke about how rebuilding the cathedral in Haiti is so
important from the religious aspect but also from the community
standpoint as it is a building that brings about hope for a group of
people who live in a world that seems derived from all the
possibilities of a better future at times.

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  1. Great posts Mark. Keep 'em coming. I know people here appreciate reading of your experiences and the ideas that they inspire.