Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 3 - meeting the children

We slept to the sounds of rain, dogs, cats, roosters, cars until 4am.
Then we tried to sleep to those sounds AND the women preparing
breakfast, banging pans, smells from the kitchen fire, buses, men shouting and then laughing. By 7:30am we were at the school, high school ages already in their classrooms.

This photo is of London and Kris taking photo's and then showing the
kids their faces on the screen. Fiona, speaking French is in the
middle greeting children. 40% of the kids pay their own way. 10% have
partial financial aide. The rest have no money. Pere Noe is constantly
approached by patents for scholarships.

Cash flow: the "paying students" cover total cash flow through
Christmas. Then cash flow is month to month. Our funds will go to work
almost immediately. Noe tells us with soft voice, May and June he
rarely has cash. The teachers work on a prayer and his integrity -
that they will be paid, hopefully.

How would you divide the money? Scholarships, teachers, building
rooms, books, food? ... This is Pere Noe's daily discernment.

We are off to the trade school for a tour and then we will prepare for
painting rooms.


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