Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2: The day comes to an end.

We ate pudding, P&J sandwiches and drank Hot Cocoa for dinner. We then
offered gifts for Noe's family, including stuffed animals, shower
heads, colored pencils, snap watches and in this photo the photo album
Kris made from last years photos.

We finished with Compline. A Simple word search gave us our scripture
to reflect upon: persistence (thank you London) found in Luke 11:5-13.
Noe offered his reflections too; On Sunday priests go home to eat a
meal with their families; many people on Sunday, come and pray - pray
for a miracle that they will be able to eat something. He spoke to how
they pray and pray - trusting in Gods Grace. They are persistent and

How are you persistent? Are you persistent in your prayers even when
you don't experience them as answered?

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