Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 4: Preparing for the 2nd anniversary

Dear friends,
Today preparations are in full swing for tomorrow. Below is a link to
a statement from our Presiding Bishop and the Bishop of Haiti. Read
hers - very formal of course - and then watch the video. Recovering
takes time as witness in our own country as the gulf coast has yet to
be restored. It is even worse here. Once the world stops watching and
governments move onto more popular agendas they leave vulnerable the
necessary, long term relationships that are critical to rebuilding and
strengthening communities for the future.

Yes, there are signs of hope. And Yes, TB is spreading and killing.
The new government has new controls on medications brought in by
medical teams. Yes, schools can't meet demand. Yes, churches and
schools with reliable resources from the States are growing quickly.
And yes, churches with little resources are often churches that lack a
personal network are left to make do despite the odds. In truth our
denomination in the States seems to be less generous or able to
provide the surge and sustaining resources compared the other
Protestant groups. I have witnessed this reality in The Dioceses of El
Salvador and Belize too.

What brings us hope is the faith of the people, children and clergy of
Episcopal Church of Haiti. Day after day, caring for children of their
own and strangers, feeding whomever they can, loving the dying,
celebrating God's Grace every day and rejoicing! Awesome. Inspiring.
Spiritually captivating and humbling.

Here is the link:

Faithfully yours,


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Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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