Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 6 - hope growing

This morning we drove 30 minutes outside of the city, heading east on
the highway towards the DR border. Kris and I notified the changes
immediately: more homes, many construction sites, etc. We stopped at a
small episcopal church, (st etienne church/school) now with 300 kids
and a priest on site (Noe hired last year). Noe reminds us that the
real work does not happen without a priest on site, living with the
people. Most priests have three or four parishes/ schools.

Then we drove 10 miles to a new university for 3,000 students being
built by the European Union. One of ten that they will build as gifts
to Haiti. One mile away USAID is building 4,000 homes (for sale). And
another two miles down the road the Episcopal church has their
agricultural school and small village being built for survivors of the
earthquake. They are working with the NGO food for poor.

8 more homes have been built and 10 more will be built this summer.
Now they need a school for these kids. They have the property and had
large tents - which have since been shredded by weather and wind.
These are very poor people ... Most kids had no clothes and they are
not able to eat most days. Below is a picture of where the new houses
will be built, the concrete blocks, and the existing homes. No
electricity yet.

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