Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just when I thought 60 miles was a long way

Everyday I am introduced to people. This week I was introduced to a couple. The person connecting us knew we had something in common. Walking. I was introduced as "my priest just walked 60 miles and that is how he met his wife".  (Yes Episcopal Clergy can be married). The other couple smiled. Turns out they met walking too ... but instead of walking 60 miles they were walking for 6 months (the Appalachian Trail).

They were walking - or - hiking ... following their individual passions. What a joy to meet someone who shares the same passion as you.

At Saint Dunstan's I hope we come together because we are following our passions (ok, maybe passion is to strong of a word) how about journey with God and building community together.  We are all on a journey with our creator ... God ... and for us Christians it is with Jesus Christ.  I give thanks to God that even though I walked the 3-Day in a non-church sponsored setting that I indeed that every step I took brought me closer and deeper in  my relationship with Christ.  God willing every-step I take in the future will do the same.

In deed, the Grace of God truly can surprise me sometimes ... especially when I least expect it too. How has the Grace of God surprised you in your life?


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