Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 2 - evening

A tent city.

Not unlike tent cities which pop up after natural disasters and when
floods of refuges flock to safety. This is a small one. Only 1,100
tents. We are lucky. We choose to be here. We have hot meals,
electicity, hot showers (in trucks). We get to return to our homes,
families and communities.

I met a women who at age 60 is walking her 12th and last 3day. And I
met another 10 minutes later who is 60, a 21 year survivor and walking
her second. This first said I will walk until I am 60 and the other
said I will walk every year once I am 60.

Which woman reflects who you are? Will you celebrate every year you
can give to the world or will you defy common logic and begin to
change the world now - understanding everyday as a bonus day?

Tonight I miss one of my mom's best friend - who lost the battle four
years ago. Up to her last breath she gave life to everyone and gave
thanks to God for it. I always thought of her as mom's soul mate -
but she would tell you that her true soul mate was always Jesus
Christ. Same for my mom. What faith.

With a tired body and a ripe heart I write you from my ten city - of
hope and love. Thank you Jesus.

Faithfully yours,

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