Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 3 - complete

And as quickly as we had begun, the walk came to end. Our camel backs
were laid down and pink roses placed in them to honor what we had
done. When you finish this walk you go pee, change your shoes and then
cheer till the last walker arrives. The cheering lasted 3 hours.

Then we all wore our new shirts ... And begin our final steps together
through The Ronald Reagan courtyard to closing ceremonies at the foot
of the Washington Monument.

We finished what many thought would be impossible for us. We gave
thanks and were then sent forth homeward to fight the fight against
Breast Cancer ... Through hope, raising awareness and changing peoples

More to come ... After I rest my feet, put the kids to sleep and give
thanks to God for this experience.

With hope strengthend I remain faithfully yours,

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