Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Zero

Today my good friend Greg and I are driving to Washington DC. We have
been friends since our colleges days at Wheaton (MA). On the way we
stopped by to see our mutual good friend Michael's dad who is recovery
from two cancer diagnosis. He goes home this weekend after over a
month of hard work. Jerry is a great man. He loves his family and
after giving us hugs and kisses could not stopping talking about how
God has blessed his life with them.

I left him feeling refreshed - funny how I went to cheer him up and I
left renewed and full of joy.

As we drove away we passed the football stadium in Philadelphia and
saw the breast cancer pink ribbon on the draped on the side of the
Eagles Stadium - awareness and hope calling us further.

Cancer is an awful disease AND people like Jerry and his family prove
that love can prevail.

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