Monday, October 4, 2010

Feast Day of Saint Francis - Walking the Walk

Later this week I will be walking the breast cancer 3Day walk in Washington DC. Keep an eye on my blog and I'll try to send daily thoughts "while I walk the walk".  To be honest I am not much of a blogger or writer. I do look forward to your comments.

I have always understood my faith to be an action verb. When a good friend's mother lost battle and then another friends mother lost the battle in less than six months ... I was consumed with a desire to do more. Since the stories of so many brave women and their families has touched my heart and life.

God slowed me down a bit recently. To be fair, I had something to do with that. For the past three months I have been training for the 3Day walk to fight breast cancer (60 miles over three days). I have many friends
who are survivors and have known too many where the battle was not always won. I am sure you also know someone who has battled breast cancer. In September, my training walks have averaged twelve miles. Twelve miles of walking takes me about three hours. With no music in my ears and no one walking with me, it has given me plenty of time to think.

When I walk it takes me about a mile before my breathing becomes steady and I begin to
relax. This is because I am consumed by the suffering in the world and wishing it would go away. Then I think of the women who fight breast cancer daily, the women who live in fear of the ”test” results. I think of women who fought the battle and lost. I think of all these women and their amazing capacity to share God’s love in the midst of their suffering. And then I think of you. I pray for all of you. I wonder what battles you are fighting. I wonder what battles you have won and lost. I wonder how the Church can be your companion? I wonder how I can best support you. I pray that you will know God’s love today …
and every day.

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