Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 3: The school at Loranette

After worship we fed the children a good meal and replaced the flat tire with a spare. We then sat down with the current teachers of Epiphanie School. Each grew up here and, despite the educational odds (closest schools are 90 min walk away), were able to complete their high school education. Each spoke with a deep passion to improve their community and give the children hope through education. 

We then walked 15 minutes up the path through this incredibly poor community. Homes built with clay and sticks, no running water and no electricity. 

And then we arrived at the school - if you can call it that. The teachers showed us where all five grades meet, with their 150+ students ... 

With funding for teachers, supplies (school benches, chalk boards, pencils, writing books and text books) and a daily meal, the teachers said Epiphany School would swell to 400+ elementary students. 

It was then we realized that a school, which is their primary prayer, would help break the cycles that keep their families impoverished. Improving health with food, improving self confidence with uniforms and purpose, providing a community center (hurricane shelter) and a place to worship. 

See images from Day 2: Evening post of Holy Innocents school being built in the village of La Begue. 

We have asked why is God sending us on this trip... And now we prayerful wonder if we were asking the wrong question. It's not where will you send us Lord, but is this your will Lord? 


The Reverend Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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