Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 2: Tutorial on Education

"Jesus is the friend of all the children." Today we begin our tutorial for education in Haiti and specifically the ministry of providing education, nutrition and hope for children and families in Haiti. 

This morning we got to know the St Andre's School here in Hinche. Built over 30 years ago and sustained over the same period of time through partnership with St Dunstan's, Carmel Valley, CA, St. Andre's provides 900 children and youth with a daily meal and an excellent education. Tuition is $200 year and half the students are on scholarship. 

We will spend the afternoon visiting Holy Innocents School in La Bague.  The school building was constructed last year, in its 3rd year; it now has 300 students and will peak in year five at 500. Before this school was built, the best option for kids in this area was a few hours walk. St Dunstan's, Dover, MA, is the first partner. Tuition is $20 year and all the students get some or full tuition assistance. 

Finally we will meet with leaders for the Epiphanie School. They need a partner(s) to make this work. 200 students study under a tent with little teaching tools, no pay for the teachers and no food for the children. This is where Pere Noe is hopeful we and our friends from San Diego will hear God's voice calling us into ministry. That is the  transformational work realized for these children, their community, our selves and our parish(es). 


The Reverend Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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