Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 3: arrival, Epiphany School

We had a restful start today. Jim and I went for a morning run and Kate and JD got to sleep in. We greeted the students at St Andre's at 7am, and we ate a tasteful breakfast of bread, hot dogs and papaya.

The drive was almost entirely dirt roads as we headed east. After 60 minutes we left the road to the Dominican Republic border, turning right onto a smaller road. 30 minutes later we pulled into the church property, with one tire of the truck completely deflated (that was close!). 

The children and adults were all dressed up for church. Pere Noe visits 4x year. So this was important. We learned that earlier this month 50 people were baptized. Amen. Although this ministry of the Episcopal Church began 12 years ago, we are the first outside visitors they have ever had. 

And so Kate's hair and our pale skin drew major attention, especially from the children, whose hands reached out without hesitation to feel and touch as we joined the gathered community under the worship tent (actually a framed straw wind break). 

The music and sense of community was electric. (The video can't upload ... we'll try again.)


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