Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 3: Hercules, Moses, Baptism

We started the morning in Amman. Visiting the area, we were reminded of the depth and richness of civilization in Jordan, with examples such as the Roman Temple to Hercules. After a short drive towards river Jordan, we arrived at Mt. Nebo, where Moses met God and was told to see before him the promised land, over the valley, what we call the Dead Sea and over to the River Jordan. It was a bit hazy, so we could not see Jericho and Jerusalem. Amazing to stand and try to imagine God's voice so clear ...

Saint Bartholomew's has been listening to God's voice - we are clarifying a vision to welcome and lead people forward into community and the Good News.

We then went to the actual place Jesus was baptized, referenced in the Gospel of John1:28: Bethany Beyond Jordan. This was the area where John the Baptist lived. It’s the same place Theodosius (AD 530) wrote about "... 5 miles north of the Dead Sea there is a single pillar ... And the church of St. John the Baptist ..."

We took a moment to renew our baptismal vows and break bread together. Recalling that after 30 years, Jesus was baptized and began his ministry, we asked ourselves what is God calling us to do tomorrow? Regardless of our age, God’s voice is calling us to serve. We had a moving moment as we reflected on this truth.

Baptism binds us together for ministry ... For the future of God.

Bible references today:
2 Samuel 10 & 11  (reference to the people of Ammon)
Deuteronomy 34:1 Moses and God: the promised land
Mark 1 Baptism of the Lord

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  1. And what of the single pillar? Was it still there? What marks the place now?