Monday, June 8, 2015

And so it begins

And so it begins ... A pilgrimage. An intentional journey to a destination, an intentional journey to walk where those before us have walked, an intentional journey with others. Today we start ...many of us in the van leaving the church. Others meeting us at LAX. Others ahead, waiting for us. Despite all the planning, we now turn our time and experiences over to God. Praying that in every moment, expected or unexpected, Christ will be revealed to us, our spiritual self will be formed in to his likeness.

We commit ourselves to daily prayer:
We pray for safety. 

We pray for our family and friends.
We pray for our parish and those who wished they could join us.
We pray to see Christ is all persons
We pray for open hearts and minds.
We pray those who are hungry, scared, homeless, sick.
We pray for peace. 

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  1. And all of the prayers of those of us still at home join your prayers in a grand chorus! Marion