Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 10: Loaves & Fishes, Peter, Beatitudes, Moses and Elijah

Church of the Transfiguration, Mount Tabor
What a day. This pilgrimage has affirmed a hundred times the value in walking the walk of scripture – specifically, following the path of Jesus Christ.

Today’s first visit was to the Church of Multiplication.
AKA When Jesus turned fives loves and two fishes into enough food for 5,000 men (10,000 people) with twelve baskets full of leftovers. We literally touched the rock venerated since 50 AD, about a mile from his home away from Nazareth in Capernaum. Needless to say, Jesus taught the people how to SHARE what they had and experience the abundance of what God has given them when they share it - give to God to share with others.

A short walk and we were where Jesus called the disciples off the boat (post resurrection) and cooked them breakfast on the shore. And where he ask Peter: “Do you love me?” three times, commissioning Peter to “feed my sheep”.

Another short walk (we took the bus) to visit where Jesus lived when in town and the Temple he taught in.

Then a short ride UP the same hill back from the Sea of Galilee, to where Jesus often taught. In this case the eight lessons within the Beatitudes, all beginning with the words “Blessed are …” We took time to reflect on the how Jesus was teaching us how to literally love they neighbor and enemy. An interesting conclusion when only 10 miles from the Syrian border and after having witnessed the tension between Israel and Palestinians.

This was all followed by a short boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.
We took time to read about Jesus calming the seas and reflect on the peace that fell upon them all immediately following. We all shared when we have experienced peace in our lives and our desire to have more such experiences and to provide them for others.

A longer ride up the mountains to Mount Tabor to visit where
Jesus revealed his divinity, standing in the company of Moses and Elijah before a few disciples. In the far distance from this mountain top we could see Samaria, where Jesus taught another lesson at Jacob's well.

All in all a great day. Time for dinner on the sea shore.

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