Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 4 blog post

 Offered by Andrew ...

Today, the confirmation class went white water rafting in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. The specific route that we went on was described by town locals as "impressive", "ambitious", and "petrifying". As soon as Blake heard those words, he started shaking with fear, unable to walk or get out of the car- we were all a little worried. But luckily, Hannah came to the rescue with her comforting words and reassured Blake that everything was going to be fine. With that, we went into the boat.

The start was a little rocky for some of us. Hannah, Charlotte, Zack, Blake, and Cam were all in one boat and from the first moment there was high tension. What's wrong with you?Charlotte asked Zack when he improperly spun the boat out of the proper course. Zack was clearly shaken by Charlotte's harsh response. But as they glided and spun down the river, they slowly started working together. Charlotte was more vocal with Zack, and both of them ended up laughing and smiling together while splashing each other with water.  

The other group, on the other hand, went off fabulously. Linda, Marie, Mark, Kerry, Alexandra, and I floated along the water with the greatest of ease- for the most part. When we ran 
into a group of challenging rapids, Kerry and I were obviously flustered and unwilling to listen to instruction from Mark. As time went on and we gradually got more accustomed to the water, we listened more to each other. Kerry couldn't help but remark how great a team we were, exclaiming I love you guys! when we left the boat. 

As we entered the restaurant, Longhorn Steakhouse- a personal favorite of Charlotte's, our group was not only more solidified but also happier. When a cake was brought in for Zack's upcoming birthday, the whole restaurant joined in and started swaying to the sound of our combined voices. As Zack blushed and Hannah wiped away a sentimental tear, our day came to a close.


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