Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 3, part II

Continued ... 
Cameron and Blake worked on the holes in the ground dutifully all day. When we came in contact with a large rock that no one could move, they were on it. The whole confirmation class started cheering for them, and suddenly we were all wrapped up in the excitement of the holes. When the rock was finally uncovered, we found that it was an ancient fossil. I can identify that! Charlotte yelled, a paleontology fanatic, and we all joyfully looked at our new discovery.

The (almost) finished products

With a lack of professional guidance, Mark helped us all day with our tasks. Even when Hannah was on her last wit, ready to throw down the drill and stop off back to Massachusetts, Mark came and, with a calm voice, helped her figure out her problem. When we posed for the last photo, Zack beamed with the pride of a hard day of work. This is all I need he said as the sun set. Kerry put her arm around him and sighed, and they walked back to the cars and went home. 

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