Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 1: a full day

Content by Andrew ...

We departed from Boston in the morning and arrived in a foreign land called Pittsburg around one-o'clock. We were scared to say the least. What is this place? we thought as we walked through the airport, unsure of what we will be combatting as the day goes on. The future was unknown, even to Mark. Here we go...thought Kerry.

As we walked into the camp, we couldn't help but notice that our surroundings were not only unfamiliar, but beautiful. As a bird flew by Alexandra's shoulder, she smiled and realized that this unknown land isn't as frightening as we had all thought. When we all gathered for orientation, we met the other group that we would be spending our time with. Our laughter soon filled the large meeting room, and we felt right at home.

One group picture just isn't enough!

After orientation, the other group, who we found out is from Ohio, invited us to a bonfire. We went outside and learned everyone's names. With the warm summer breeze encompassing us and the comfort of friends all around, we laughed at how worried we had been when we first arrived. As Hannah roasted a marshmallow, she looked out into the sunset and smiled. 

As the sun went down and our eyelids started to droop, our conversations soon died off with the fire. With stomachs full of s'mores and hearts full of love, we returned to our respective beds where we slept soundly and dreamed of the day to come. 

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