Monday, June 25, 2012

The Night Before departure.

Tomorrow morning we will gather and begin our mission trip to New Orleans, serving the Episcopal Church and the people of a city that is incomplete. We are 16 strong. I wonder how God will use us. I wonder where we will find God. Of course mission work is seen at serving Christ in others and yet my hope and prayer is that our youth and adults will at some point pause and rediscover Christ within themselves in a deeper, meaningful way. Our baptism invites us to journey from home. We travel from 02030 to 70015. From one of the wealthiest communities in United States to a forgotten people (outside of the French Quarter). We all have much to learn .... myself included.

What I know is that Mission feeds me. Will it feed others too? I hope so.

May God Bless our journey.


The Reverend Mark C McKone-Sweet

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