Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reaching for Heaven - row 24, seat C

Have you noticed that most people look to the sky, point up or say "up
there" when they refer to God, Heaven and their loved ones? Is that
really where God lives? Is that really where Heaven is?

During Passover, our Jewish brothers and sisters recall Moses going up
the mountain to recover the ten commandments. Jesus often went up the
mountain to escape the crowds and pray. The transfiguration happens on
a mountain top. During the baptism of Jesus the Spirit descended upon
Him like a Dove (diving down from above).

This theology that places Jesus in our hearts. The reality is that God
created us in God's own image. The commandment to love God - by loving
others (as if they were God) bind us. It is Bishop Wright's writing
that The Kingdom of God is not some far off place, rather the KoG is
in our midst. Now we have an counter argument, and alternative for
looking into space, into the clouds and at the unknown - to see God
and experience God in the present company of those whom we yearn to
see again, to look in the mirror as give thanks for life.

Today I am in an airplane, flying up to 35,000 feet. I must be getting
closer to God - right? I wonder what spiritual experience will bless
me and the two hundred folks packed in this plane like sardines in a
can? Will the folks around me see God in each other? Will I see Jesus
in each heart? Will I love God in them? Will I experience the building
of the KoG in the next two hours? Will anyone notice?

Fasten your seat belt!


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Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet

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