Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hi everyone! Sorry we didn't know how to put words up earlier, but now we will let you know what we have been up to over the past couple of days. The first day we arrived and got to know the area. On our first working day (yesterday) we were split up between separating Mardi Gras beads and helping the chef in the kitchen by cleaning, cooking, and feeding children. Today (day 3) we were once again split, but a majority of us traveled a few blocks away to visit some homes that were damaged in the hurricane. We met a great lady, Jackie, who told us her view of the hurricane, very touching. We cleaned up the sidewalk and cut down trees and weeds to improve Jackie's house and the lots around her. Jackie was very grateful for us and said she used her faith to get her through the storm. She was kind enough to buy us slushies, otherwise known as snow cones and she was very grateful of all of our help. After the hard work and sweat of the day we took the trolley into town for our favorite ice cream stores. Everyone is safe and having a great time!! We don't quite know what to expect for tomorrow but it might involve some farm work... We will keep you posted!

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