Saturday, October 12, 2013

A priest of the diocese, while we were attending a Red Sox game in September, asked me if I would ever consider writing about the lessons/truths shared between the professional baseball, specifically at Fenway, home of the Boston Red Sox AND the Church (our parishes). Not sure if what I am about to write satisfies his vision, but this is what I have to offer.

And so, I propose to write a short essay on few subjects: I’ll add more if the year is extended further. At this point, I am hopeful Red Sox will play on.  Here is are few of the topics forth coming.  As always, please excuse all the typos, grammar and lack of complete sentences. Writing is not my gift. 

The first edition will be posted in the next 30 minutes. 

First edition: There is always a seat for you
Second edition: The rituals: reach to the depths of your heart and soul
Third edition: Hope, there is always hope
Fourth edition: Taking the experience(s) into daily life
Fifth edition: Passing the tradition from generation to generation.
Sixth edition: Ye of little faith!
Seventh edition: Oh what shall we wear?
Eighth edition: Tithing, the dollar cost of being faithful
Ninth edition: Music, oh the music
Tenth: A family friendly experience, really.
Eleventh: Who is not here?
Twelfth: The food, oh the food.

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