Saturday, October 19, 2013

Benediction for President Kerry Murphy Healey's Inauguration


(I was invited to offer the benediction, thanks to my wife, who is on the faculty at Babson College).

I invite anyone with an academic hat, that is not pinned into place, to remove it. All Red Sox hats may remain on your heads.

Creator, Sustainer, Pain-bearer and Life Giver:  For centuries, in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, your people have gathered to ask for your Grace, your Companionship and your Blessing, Therefore, we bow our heads as we open our hearts to you.

We call upon you to bless President Dr. Kerry Murphy Healey, the 13th President of Babson College; Bless her with great wisdom, endless hope, a thirst for justice and intellectual curiosity as she leads this college. Bless her with patience for herself, her family and the Babson Community and bless us, that we may offer President Healey the same.  

Enable her to walk humbly with Thee, so when she falls, You may raise her to succeed to new heights. Bless her with great joy and happiness that only come from her pursuit of loving You, and the privilege of leading Babson into a brighter and greater future. And, may President Healey forever be reminded whom she serves, her Creator and her new family: Babson College of the past, present and future.

Bless the staff, faculty, trustees with a never wavering steadfastness and pursuit of the full mission of this college. Bless the students here today with eager minds and bigger hearts for humanity. Bless the alumni of this college, those who have walked these grounds before us, to appreciate their great value in the future of this college, and our hope instilled within each of them for all they will accomplish for humanity. Bless the former presidents of Babson, as they continue to give themselves fully to the possibilities you have laid before this community.

May everyone here and our family around the globe, the entire Babson family, support President Healey, acknowledging that it takes a village to achieve the hopes we have claimed today. Send us forth from this place with peace in our hearts to celebrate as ONE BABSON FAMILY. Amen.

The Reverend Mark C. McKone-Sweet, Rector
Saint Dunstan's Episcopal Church
18 Springdale Avenue. P.O.Box 515
Dover, Massachusetts 02030

(w) 508-785-0879 (cell) 781-801-3586
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