Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 7- Synopsis

Hey y'all (southern lingo haha) today was a great last day of mission work. A big group of us went to an animal shelter to walk dogs, clean the cages, and play with and feed all of the animals. The organization was very grateful for all of our hard work. It's hard to believe that they do it all on their own! The other small group of us went to do some demolition! This included dry-walling and woodworking. It was a nice end to the working day, and the trip as a whole. We had dinner and then listened to Pete's lecture about hurricane Katrina and the city of New Orleans. Next, we went to the frequently visited Yogurt Land to get some dessert, although some of us chose to get ice cream across the street. We finished with a nice compline service featuring some music by Alex, Eliza R, Sarah, Matt R, and Craig. We are scheduled to leave tomorrow morning around 10:00 and we will be on our way back to MA. We are all very thankful for all of our wonderful experiences here!

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