Wednesday, June 15, 2011

B-Day: Why I was running today

Today is my birthday. Today while running with my neighbor, we talked about why we run. It started with the simple truth; we knew that exercise was important for good health and for clearing our heads. We also noted with a morning workout, our minds are much more alert at work. All good reasons to work out.  On the 2nd mile we talked about work and things. By the 3rd mile we were short a breath. Yet we were able arrived at the real reason to exercise: we want to be healthy enough to see our kids grow older - and God willing - meet our grandchildren. Once we claimed that truth, our pace quicken and the rest of the run was effortless. It is good to always know the real reason why we are doing something (or trying to do something).  I wonder what real reasons are for what we all do in our lives?

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