Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day One Port Au Prince

We arrived to the warm welcome of Fr Noe at the airport as the sun was setting. We drove to a local hotel for a safe lodging for the night. It was dark so we have yet to see the truth.

Tomorrow the country will gather at churches for a day of remembrance. The one year anniversary. We fly to Cap Haitien at 7am. We will worship at Fr Noe's parish at 3pm. Please join us in prayer.

We also hope to purchase our materials for our work and begin to emerge ourselves in this country. Charlie asked Fr Noe what were the biggest challenges facing Haiti: political stability; economic equality; access to education; access to health care; and food for all. For example, in a city of 1 million people (Cap Haitien) there are a total of 50 doctors. Fr Noe reflected that on Sunday, after mass, he is often uncertain if his parishioners will eat.

A sobering truth. We prayed compline tonight and gave thanks for our families and parish who have sent us here.

The Rev. Mark C. McKone-Sweet
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